And just like that… SAINT&SUMMER turns 5!

Who would have thought that all those years ago, when we sat drinking some kind of delicious cocktail and spoke about how we needed to live our best lives, doing what we love and wondering how, after ordering another delicious cocktail, we could make a career out of it… that we would set in motion the start of a fun-filled, fashion-focused full-time passion job for the two of us.

 It’s a very special occasion for us over at Head Office. 5 Years is a pretty big deal. We’ve had the best time, we’ve worked together through the tough times and we’ve been blessed with the best fans. You better believe that we’re eating cake all day and toasting ourselves with ice cold champagne in tea mugs. (Because office kitchens and champagne flutes don’t really pair well together).

To quote OUR STORY… we’re legit proud of the work we have done to bring fashionable and comfortable footwear to the women of South Africa. We believe that the key to another 5 awesome years, and then another 5 after that, is to continue being our own consumer.

 We are moms, bosses, grafters, players and peace-makers. We like quiet moments, we strut our stuff, we offer inspiration, we seek it and we look for it in everything, and everyone. Our goal is to continue to create a lifestyle brand that is everything we’ve ever wanted in a shoe, and more. Of course we could not have achieved any of this without you, our crazy customers. And by crazy, we mean crazy cool; not  like “If you don’t restock the ENVY Bee we’ll slash your tyres” crazy. Ha Ha. Nervous giggle. 

So here’s to us. For 5 years of SAINT&SUMMER awesomeness.

And here’s to you for being our biggest fans!

We love you guys!

Roxy & Julia

23 July 2019


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Continue doing what u doing coz what ever you doing is blady well working, your Brand is AMAzeballs and I wish you well going forward and in the next 55 years to come ♡


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