Our Story


We are Roxy and Julia, proud owners of SAINT&SUMMER footwear brand.

If you’re reading this, it means that you’re as fashion-obsessed as we are, and if that’s the case, then we should definitely be friends! 

A story ‘about us’ is not an easy one to tell. Not because we’re not news-worthy, but simply because being introspective can be tough. You don’t want to sound like you’re blowing smoke up your own you know what, but you also want your brand to serve its purpose, and for people to know about what you can offer them.

Also, how do we sum up 8 flipping fabulous years? 8 years of working with your bestie, travelling the world and doing what you love. 8 years of coming to work every day to be inspired… and to inspire. 8 years of working really, really hard. And 8 years of learning, making mistakes, making sacrifices and laughing (a lot) at ourselves. 8 years of f-bombs when deliveries don’t arrive on time, and happy dances when they do. 8 years of discovering who we are and what we want from each other, this business and ourselves.

Perhaps the best place to start is at the very beginning, when we sat drinking some kind of delicious cocktail and spoke about how we needed to live our best lives, doing what we love and wondering how, after ordering another delicious cocktail, we could make a career out of it.

We are both born and bred Durbanites. We grew up in Durbs, went to school together and are now both raising our little families here too. When we first started our business we were besties. Today, we’re still besties. Tighter than ever, more mature – in a good, un-wrinkled way - and we’re steaming ahead on this adventure of ours. Watching SAINT&SUMMER grow from strength to stylish strength is a sign that what we’re doing, you’re loving! And that’s all that really matters. 

Seasonal footwear, fashionable shoes, designer sandals… whatever words you use to describe your favourite SAINT&SUMMER shoes, we’re legit proud to realise that we have created a household brand that makes you feel like a million bucks. Without costing it. 

And the idea to provide the modern woman with a range of stylish shoes came from a personal place. We’re busy! We’re moms, we’re wives. We work, we work out, we meet friends, we travel, we housewife, we give advice, we are dancers, and shoppers, and organisers too. We follow trends, and we set them. We wake up early, we go to bed late, we seek adventures and we look forward to quiet moments on the couch. It’s a busy life,but we’re so happy to do it.

We wanted to create a shoe brand that fitted into this lifestyle. Loud stand-out shoes and comfortable Sunday-session shoes. Shoes to work in, and shoes to work it… if you know what we mean! SAINT&SUMMER is a collection of everything we’ve ever wanted in a shoe, and then some.

We’re #blessed that every single day we get to live our brand. Every day is about searching for something new. From inspiration on the streets, in the high end magazines and the runways of the world. From our friends, their friends, and all the awesomeness that our multi-cultured country provides. We love what we do. And we do it for you! 

We’re so happy you’re here, and that you’re a fan. Thanks for stopping by.

Now get back to shopping!

THIS SEASON we’re loving… 

Roxy’s favourite is the COURAGE white slip-on Sneaker, because its super comfy and wears well with pretty much anything!

Julie loves the JAGGED because it’s a no-mess-no-fuss kinda slip on shoe that looks uber-trendy but takes very little effort to do so. Easy on, easy off, just the way she likes it! The ornate gold buckles also adds abit of extra pazazz!