Our Rewards Program


At SAINT&SUMMER, we value our loyal customers we and are always looking for ways to give you more. The Sunshine Club provides additional perks to our customers to help you save money and to thank you for your business.

Earn Points, Get Rewards — It's Sun-sational!

☀️ Become a Sunshine Club Member and start earning today! For every action, you get points that turn into real savings. Here's how you can shine with us:

  • 100 Points = R1
  • Earn Points By:
    • Placing an order
    • Liking us on Facebook
    • Sharing our vibe on Facebook
    • Following us on Instagram
    • Celebrating your Birthday

☀️ Redeem Your Points for Cool Rewards! It's simple to turn your points into sun-blazing rewards:

  1. Log In: Access the rewards panel on our website or log into your account.
  2. Discover Ways to Redeem: Open the rewards panel and click on 'Ways to Redeem.'
  3. Choose Your Reward:
    • Fixed Rewards: If you've got enough points, hit the 'Redeem' button to get started.
    • Incremental Rewards: Use the points slider to choose how much to spend, then click 'Redeem.'
  1. Apply Your Coupon: You'll land on a page showing your coupon code. Click 'Apply Code' to automatically use it at checkout. Don’t worry, we’ll also email you the coupon for safekeeping, and it'll be stored in your rewards panel under 'Your Rewards.'

☀️ Stay in the Loop with Bonus Campaigns! Don’t miss out on exclusive bonus opportunities. Keep an eye on our newsletters for more ways to earn and redeem.

☀️ Join the Sunshine Club today and start turning your activities into rewards! It’s our way of saying thanks for bringing a little more sunshine into our community.