About Us

How it started

It started the way most brands do, - scribbled onto a napkin over a couple cocktails. Two bull headed woman saw an opportunity to band a love for fashion with the angst of not being able to find à la mode footwear locally. If you need something done…do it yourself - Ensue SAINT&SUMMER

How it’s going

Cut to ten years later, the addition of a limited trend based mens footwear range and ladies and mens apparel tied It all together. Carefully curated one-of-a-kind drops at a palatable price gave it the edge it needed. After a fist full of lessons and the daily grind, S&S had become a household name.

What’s next

New spaces, places and laces. We’ve expanded our assortment, Limited edition drops, a much needed face lift, New store space, added some spice into the rice and looking forward to doing What we love.

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