When we say that we’re inspired by the beauty of South Africa, we mean it.

No really, we mean it! Not just for it’s crazy-beautiful colour palettes and on-trend Africanisms (yes leopard print, we’re talking about you!); but for its internal, intrinsic, emotive awesomeness. Of course there’s all the nay-saying about our politics and the state of our nation but if you brush that aside for just one moment – or even 67 moments - you’ll very quickly realise that it’s a country worth fighting for.

And we’re dam proud to be a part of the fight!

That’s why we’re working really hard at making a difference, and in the best way we know how – through fashion! In the build-up to Nelson Mandela Day this Wednesday the 18th of July, we joined forces with LIV Village at their annual LIV Women’s Conference and helped to uplift and inspire women in need by donating 50 pairs of SAINT&SUMMER shoes. 

The message of the day was one of strength and encouragement; women helping other women, lifting each other up, being supportive and sharing words of encouragement. Now we don’t know about you, but that sounds like our kinda party!

In fact, we loved it so much that we headed back to LIV Village for Madiba Day. As a team, we spent our collective 67 minutes in the Early Childhood Development Centre where we washed, cleaned and restored toys for the little ones, and helped to plant trees and shrubbery around the centre. The teachers and childminders at LIV Village have their hands full caring for and teaching over 200 orphaned children, so for us, it was an honour to get in there, get our hands dirty, play dress up with the kiddos and help in whatever way we could.

We left with happy hearts and a yearning to do more, more often.

We hope we made Madiba proud!


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