6th Birthday Paaaarty!

6th Birthday Paaaarty!

We recently celebrated our 6th birthday during our national lockdown. We put together a fun run relay to celebrate this milestone. We rounded up a group of 12 ladies to run a 24 hour relay. Every hour, on the hour one of the ladies would run 6km, for 6 days. SAINT&SUMMER pledged to donate a fabric face mask for every run that was completed. 24 runs a day x 6 days.

6th Birthday Paaaarty!

The ladies did phenomenally well! They ran round and round their gardens, running throughout the night, in some crazy rainy weather conditions. Nothing stopped them for this worthy cause.

An amazing local brand, Thandana, joined the celebration and committed to matching SAINT&SUMMER’s mask donation. How awesome! One of the other runner Boss Ladies, from Apex Structured Solutions also pledged to donation face masks and the donation kept growing and growing!

We invited our followers to join us in running 6km and for every run completed we would donate another face mask. One of these lucky runners won themselves 6 pairs of shoes from our new AW20 Collection. 

500 fabric face masks, made by Thandana, along with 100 pairs of shoes, were donated through Co Church to a local township community in Shakashead. The faces of joy of the people who gratefully received these donations, will never be forgotten. 

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - Winston S. Churchill

6th Birthday Paaaarty!

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