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Just like that, the new year has hit the ground running and we’re already half way through JanYOUary. See what we did there… JanYOUary. We’re firm believers in starting the year off right. And that means, putting YOU first. Not in a selfish, rich-b!tch kinda way, but in a way that ensures you’ve in the right frame of mind to tackle anything that comes your way.  

We all spend a lot of time and effort on family and friends during the holidays – which is totally important and can be loads of fun too – but now it’s your turn. Our advice… ditch the new year’s resolutions. You’re the same person you were at 11:59 on the 31stas you are right now. Well, maybe a little less TIPSY, but you’re still a bad ass with places to go and people to impress.

So, here’s to a stylish 2019. One that focuses on the things that really matter. Spoil yourself. Book that flight. Love wildly. Eat slow. Run fast. Take risks. Be risqué. Rock and Roll. And buy the shoes. Obviously!

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