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Swimwear Care Guide


 Your new cozzie is quite simply magic. It can stretch and change to cover as little or as much as you'd like. The better you care for your swimwear, the better it'll care for you . . .and stay stretchy and looking amazing. This magic doesn't just simply happen, it needs loving care to keep the magic alive. 


 - Gently hand wash in cool water immediately after each use. A small amount of diluted, mild detergent may be used when hand washing. To dry, gently bunch your swimsuit into a ball to remove excess water before hanging in the shade away from other clothing.

- To avoid damage and premature wear, do not ever; twist or wring (we mean it), rub, scrub, machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or roll up or store when wet. Avoid contact with rough surfaces — rocks, jagged wood surfaces, velcro, you catch our drift.

- Wringing your cozzie out will cause irreparable damage so please don't do it! It'll overstretch the stretchy fibres of your cozzie, possibly breaking them and affecting the lovely texture of the fabric. This is not a defect.

- We wouldn't suggest using in jacuzzis or hot tubs that are treated with harsh chemicals. Suncream and bleach may cause discolouration. 

You can also find this info on a little info card that came with your order (no excuses, then).

**Please try on all swimwear with your underwear on. Do not remove hygiene strip until 100% satisfied** 

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