Local is Lekker

Hand-stitched shells, locally sourced leather and carefully-assembled, passionately put-together fashion sandals. This is a typical scene from our local SAINT&SUMMER production line. It’s something that we, as a small local business, are investing more of our efforts into developing. 

Local production is great on so many levels: not only does it mean more job opportunities for local makers , but we are able to establish a far greater quality control as we personally get stuck in to the production process, ensuring no buckle goes undone. We watch as a simple sole is manufactured into a statement sandal; undergoing  a rigid and often fastidious process of attention to detail, where quality, hand-skilled craftmanship produces a pair of shoes that every stylish woman wants to own.

In South Africa, we say “Local is Lekker.”

And here at SAINT&SUMMER, we’ve got the slickest darn range of locally produced ladies’ footwear to prove it. 



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