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Giving Back

We have partnered with an incredible organisation called Samaritan’s Feet. Samaritan’s Feet is a South African NPO, that forms part of an international humanitarian organisation.

Their core focus is to serve impoverished children who don’t have shoes. Their approach is one of not merely giving shoes, but of giving hope. They spend time with the children, washing and caring for their feet. They connect with their hearts, encouraging their hopes and dreams, and reminding them that their lives matter. 
We are super passionate about shoes and equally on everyone having the opportunity to wear a pair of shoes, especially vulnerable children. Just R100 buys a pair of shoes - and prevents disease and infection. More than 1.5 billion people worldwide are infected with parasitic diseases transmitted through contaminated soil that could be prevented by wearing proper footwear.  
We will pledge R50 towards a pair of shoes, if you’ll match our contribution. Let's go Dutch and get shoes onto those children!
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