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If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times… 

Girl’s just wanna have fun. And weekly holidays. And success. And solid life-long friendships, and to be respected, and loved, and to have strength - both inside and out, and long eye lashes, an endless supply of chocolate, and shoes. Lots and lots and lots of shoes! It’s really not a lot to ask for. 

This August, we celebrate Women’s Month…

Because let’s be honest; one day was never, ever going to be enough! 

Women’s Month is a super special time as it’s a chance for us to sing the praises of the women in our lives and communities who inspire us, empower us and lift us up, giving us the courage to do and be our best. It’s also a pretty good time to have a little look inside and acknowledge your own super cool achievements. 

And yes, we may be known as the fairer sex who always stops and ask for directions, but that’s cool with us… because we’re also the first to admit that we can’t do what we do alone. And we don’t want to either! We don’t know about you, but for us, we crave the support of other like-minded women to get to where we want to be. As they say, team work… makes the dream work.

Gone are the days of Mean Girl antics where it was cool to use someone else as a stepping stone. Say hello to a new age of women; a seriously fierce collection of chicks doing their thing, and helping others do their thing too!  

Just look around you; where there’s a woman starting a business, there’s a bunch of friends rallying together to support her. Where there’s a stranger looking for advice, there’s another stranger happily giving it to her. Where there’s a woman celebrating her achievements, there’s a hundred other women there to cheer her on.

Speaking of a collection of fierce women, we’re super grateful to have been featured in this month’s Get It magazine for their Women’s Day tribute edition. Grab a copy now, along with your favourite bottle of bubbly (obvs!) and read up about all the local KZN women giving the rest of us a good name!



“My mom and sister - they are exceptional businesswomen who both run very successful businesses, Suburban Cafe and CROP Hair Studio. Their dedication to their businesses and incredible work ethic is always something I aspire to. Simply put, they rock!”


“My Mum has shown me love like no other. Taught me how to fend for myself, have independence, be a good wife and mostly guided me in my own journey of motherhood. She inspires me to be independent and never give up.”

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