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Date night. It’s a thing.

And if it isn’t… well it sure as hell should be! Why wouldn’t you want to prioritise time with your lover. And with Valentine’s upon us – we’ll take any excuse we can to dress up all sexy, get TIPSY, be a TEASE, and enjoy all the spoils that come our way.

BFF date night… that’s a thing too!

Good friends are solid (rose) gold… so we’re all about finding a good hearty handful of them and doing things that all BFFS do. Like crushing on the same thing, twinning in your favourite pair of SAINT&SUMMER sandals and being the Gin to each other’s TONIC. You know what they say… Two’s company, but Three’s a squad. So this month of love, make sure you give your gals all the love they deserve, and then some.

And because you also deserve all the love, we’ll give you 14% off your Valentine’s Day purchase – only online and only for 24 hours. Coupon Code - Vday19

Thanks for being a part of our SAINT&SUMMER squad.

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