Gold & Leopard Print CRUSH launched this week. Dont miss it!


…But a hand-crafted, carefully-assembled, passionately put-together work of art!

That’s how we feel about our locally produced range of SAINT&SUMMER sandals, and we thought you’d like a little look-see at the maker space where the magic happens.

From a simple sole to a completed, neatly wrapped pair of leather sandals ready to be shipped off to their lucky new lady, each pair of SAINT&SUMMER LUSH and LACY sandals goes through a rigorous and sometimes really slow quality control process. We’re ok with slow… it means attention to detail is at the top of the priority list and that’s important for us, because it’s important for you! No strap goes unturned, no sole goes un-shaped, and no shell goes unpolished.

The ladies and gents who tirelessly assemble each pair are all a part of our team. They’re the clever ones who bring our visions to life. It’s where (our) style meets (their) structure. Then, at the end of the production line, we throw in a bit of sass with hand-sewn sea shells or buffed genuine, locally sourced leather. Like we said, it’s a slow process, but it’s a good one… and the end result is a range of ladies footwear that’s tops! 






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